The best inteinteriorsriors are complementary to your products. That is why we go the extra mile to support your products.

Just like we do with our bespoke cases, we pay attention to detail when producing the best interior or inlay for your case. For medical or surgical equipment you may have different needs than for the launch of your new fragrance, our focus on the best possible solution is always the same.

We can produce fixed or flexible inlays, we can produce multi layer inlays, cut with waterjet technology, mill or stamp your inlay and produce in a large variety of colours. From basic foam interior to luxurious, Sil Suede finished inlay, we deliver the best solution for your product or presentation.

We can also retro fit any case you may already use. Even if the case is not supplied by us. Good to know when the specifications of your products change or when you are launching a new product to the market.

Want to know more about what Sales & Support Cases can do for you? Just send us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch soonest. Alternatively you may call us on +31 (0) 20 675 75 83.